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Mission Statement

The primary mission of Pioneer Physicians Network, Inc. is to provide optimal, high quality medical care in a cost effective manner.

We strive to be a health care leader and maintain the highest standards of professional practice in medical teaching, practice style and implementation of management and primary care services to meet the changing delivery structures of the future in health care.

We will be the advocate for the patients, families and caregivers and manage care by coordinating patient education, quality assessment and improvement, accessibility and accountability to the patients.


  1. The provision of consistently high quality medical care and the development of systems designed to ensure continued montioring and evaluation of the care provided.
  2. To maintain convenient, patient-oriented health care services that are delivered with maximum efficiency, economy and timeliness, based on sound business principles.
  3. To deliver health care services with an emphasis on the personalized  care approach and one in whihc patients are treated with compassion, integrity, trust and dignity.
  4. The continual development and implementaton of innovative practice tehniques to imporve the delivery of health care services.
  5. To develop information systems, linkages and management services in order to gain a competitive advantage in operational efficiency and cost: the extent of services and product lines will be based on changing needs and network requirements.
  6. To negotiate contracts and offer cost effective high quality services.
  7. To establish and maintain an environment that is conducive to education, research and training in order to appeal to patients, physicians, and providers of care.
  8. The ability to maintain the positive attributes of a private practice, while supporting and recruiting physicians who share the philosophy of providing high quality and personalized care.



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